Our weight loss program is a complete body transformation. Under Reps Weight Loss Program, people who want to lose weight would see result within 6-8 weeks. You will not only lose your weight but you’ll look better than before with a new motivation to take yourself to the next level of fitness.

Generally, losing weight is a real challenge for people but if you go with one-on-one training for particular this program then you will get definitely results very fast. Dinesh have more than 12 years of experience in fitness and he knows what kind of exercises do you need.

To lose weight, we both need to work together with a transparency about your daily lifestyle on a daily basis. Like we should know what you eat, what you drink, how much you smoke? Are you suffering from any major illness?

Major part for this program is your lifestyle, we always provide a nutrition chart to our members and you should follow that nutrition chart in your daily routine.

Under Dinesh’s training there are so many Reps members who have succeeded in losing weight and they are moving to the next level of fitness. Reps always shares success stories on social media so that people can know real stories.