At Reps, Dinesh also provides online consultation for all your fitness needs, you can discuss about fitness program / nutrition programs from the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be! Dinesh is a experienced and professional to assist you in reaching all your fitness goals and are now offering a online fitness consultation to discuss your personal training needs and options.

Reps offer goal specific, fully individualized, personal training programs based on target decided upon by you and Dinesh. Additionally, we will provide you with complete customized meal assistance designed by Dinesh to help you accomplish any goal. Whether your goal is to put on weight or take it off, we have you covered.

Reps offer various fitness plan options, but all include one-on-one consultation with you or your personal trainer, a customized personal training program, nutrition assistance, supplement recommendations and a personal cardio program. Dinesh  is a Gold Medalist and are here to meet your personal training needs. Whether by telephone, SMS, e-mail, or an online video chat, your online trainer is equipped with the latest knowledge and technology to coach you until you reach your fitness goals.

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