Our Muscle Building Program is design to succeed for building the body you want. Reps training system designed to build strength and muscle mass to every body type. Our trainers will take you through phases of reinforcement & build up. There will be hard training of heavy lifting with low reps, maximal muscle building with high reps and controlled speed. We use advanced & innovative training techniques to transform your body and increase growth.

On the other note, Nutrition is a another very important factor when it comes to building muscle – we know that what you eat is crucial to you progress in training. We also have a nutritional or diet program to give your body the energy, it needs to build muscle while not gain fat. People think building muscle is impossible – but with Reps you can turn impossible into possible!

Reps Muscle Building and Nutritional Program works with your unique body type, determining the right amounts of calories (carbs, protein and fats) your body need to build muscle without blowing out on body fat.

Not only this, we have a supplement pack which would be required with muscle building program that will increase testosterone, reduce estrogen and give your muscles the best possible building blocks to grow. This gives you the best chance of building muscle.