Body Transformation By REPS

I learned a lot about lifting, but nothing about nutrition and building muscle. This time, I decided to do it the right way. I signed back at REPS with DINESH sir and researched about fat loss and lean muscle building.

I realized nutrition was 85 percent of the muscle building-fat loss equation and it was the missing piece to my fitness puzzle. The reason I failed years before was crystal clear—I didn’t have the slightest idea how to eat healthy, which stalled any gains.Fast forward three years and here I am. I have a daily diet that I follow religiously and count calories and macronutrients to the gram. I love what I eat and still have at least one cheat meal per week even during my spring and summer cut. I even drink beer.Now I am very close to finish my BODY TRANSFORMATION A big thanks to DINESH SIR( REPSFITSTUDIO) for help me to achieve my dream body.