Body Transformation By REPS

I have been working out for the last 6 years and did not feel that there was anything left for me to learn. I worked out religiously for the first 3 years and built a decent body and soon after that I lost all my interest in bodybuilding, as for me I had achieved my peak and there was nothing left for me to explore in it. I eventually gained weight but was not enthusiastic enough to change my lifestyle. After meeting Dinesh sir and working out in his repsfitstudio (gym) changed my whole concept of fitness and bodybuilding changed. He showed me my true potential and the levels that one can achieve, if one sets his mind to it. In 3 months I lost 13 kgs, while I was constantly gaining muscle and loosing fat and along the way learning new techniques of bodybuilding. I would recommend Dinesh sir to everyone, as his methods are unique, dynamic and truly effective. One has to experience it to actually believe it.

(Member of Reps)