Dinesh Manchanda
Dinesh ManchandaFounder of REPS

Dinesh believes, there is no magic solution which works for everyone; and that’s why the tailored, holistic approach, which DINESH take to his clients is unique. He will not recycle workout programmes or simply watch you workout for an hour whilst counting for you. Every personal training session is planned to maximize both your enjoyment and the results you get from it.

He is obsessed with making his studio the place you will want to work out.

Dinesh has an incredible proven history of top flight professional fitness training. He has trained everyone from the Average Joe to Professional Athletes, Some of Dinesh’s clients are Commonwealth games 2010 gold medal winner (RAVINDER Singh) As always, dinesh’s focus is on his clients specific goals, needs and desires.

Dinesh is an expert at identifying patterns that may limit your results and progress caused due to any sort of muscular imbalance from any previous injury or or just the fast paced world in which we live.

With a fitness master like Dinesh at your side, your progress is within reach. Professionals like Dharamveer YADAV and PORUS ARORA, Business tycoons are evidence of Dinesh’s knowledge and understanding of fitness.